Required documents

1. A copy of your passport and, if you do not have Dutch nationality, original extracts from the population register (bevolkingsregister) of both spouses, with an indication of nationality (maximum three months old at the time the divorce petition is submitted) and also an indication of the date of entry/settlement in the Netherlands.

2. Original extracts (copies) from the birth register of the minor children (town hall of birth / maximum 3 months old) and

3. An original extract (copy) from the marriage register (available at the town hall of your place of marriage / maximum 3 months old). Proof of birth registration or marriage certificate is not enough. With regard to marriages concluded abroad, it is sufficient to submit the original marriage certificate or an older extract. This document must be translated by a sworn interpreter, unless it is written in Dutch, English, French or German. When visiting the office, do not forget to bring the identification documents of both spouses (passport/driving license).

4. Any covenant or list of agreements drawn up by you together, which I can attach to the petition in duplicate. I highly recommend the use of a covenant if there are important agreements. Below you will find a sample agreement from which you can copy certain articles. This will be sent to you free of charge after submitting the registration form.


Click here on the Model Divorce Agreement


If you waive the right to alimony, if the right to pension distribution is waived and/or if there is no equal division of the value of the estate (including houses, businesses, bank accounts, etc.) than expected I will receive a clear, substantiated written confirmation from both of you that you are both aware of your rights and that you consciously waive the right and for what reason(s). In such a case, there will also be personal contact about this.


  1. A child declaration, if there are children older than twelve and agreements are made about custody, access or alimony. You can download the Child Declaration here.


  1. A Parental Plan when there are children. Click here for an example of a Parental Plan. It must contain agreements about the care and upbringing tasks, the costs thereof, the contact arrangements and the way in which the other parent is informed and consulted about important matters. It must also be indicated that the children have been heard about the agreements. This will also be sent to you in draft form free of charge after completing the intake form.


  1. If you are married under prenuptial conditions, a copy of those conditions. For the best explanation of the conditions, you can contact the notary who has drawn up the conditions in consultation with you. Often the intention of both of you at the time and the explanation given by the notary are decisive.