Step 1. Fill out the intake form

Complete the divorce intake form to proceed with an online divorce. You will need to provide some information regarding your joint house, kids and about dividing goods.

Step 2. Confirmation, free documents and invoice

You will receive a confirmation receipt of the completed form in writing, along with the invoice. You will also receive the draft of a free mutual agreement and/or the draft of a free parental plan.

Step 3. Drawing up draft divorce request

After your payment and receipt of all required documents  we will draw up the draft divorce requests. We will usually be able to send them to you the same or next day.

Step 4. Signing divorce request

There must be no error in the identity of the parties. Your identity can be verified with a videocall showing your passport. This means that the divorce request cannot be submitted without both partners being aware of it.

Step 5. Divorce petition is sent to court

The divorce petition will be sent to the District Court in Amsterdam by request. In this request, I ask as a lawyer, and on your behalf, that the court grants the divorce and confirms (if applicable) what you agreed as the consequences of the divorce. From the moment the petition is submitted to the court, it will take approximately two weeks before the Amsterdam Court grants the divorce. As it is a joint application of a draft agreement, an oral hearing is not necessary.

Step 6. You agree to the court’s decision

You will receive a copy of the judgement as well as a waiver of appeal, which you will need to sign. The signed waiver states that you will not appeal the judgement. This means that it is not necessary to wait until the end of the three-month appeal period. I will then send the judgement and the waiver of appeal to the register of births, deaths and marriages in the town where you were married, so the divorce can be recorded in the register of marriages. This will take between a few days and a week.

Step 7. After 2-3 weeks the divorce is official

For overseas marriages, where the divorce needs to be registered in The Hague, it can take up to four weeks before confirmation is received from the town registrar. This means that the entire process can be completed within four to five weeks. You are not officially divorced until the divorce is registered. Of course, we will send you a copy of the record.